Scotty and Tony Show/ Podcast Sat Apr 25: More Games to play

Here in NB it seems like there's a tiny dot of light at the end of the Covid tunnel. If we keep up the good work, we're gonna be allowed to do more things. Wahooooooo!!!!! Still, these links will come in handy for Family Game Night, or as a way to settle disputes. It may also cause disputes. That's exciting as well.
Here's the link for that word game generator so you can do charades, or headbands, or Pictionary. My favourite is Charades-Actions then you interview the person and try to get them to guess the action they're supposed to be doing.
Another idea is pick Individuals-Celebrities and do the same interview game.
For Pictionary, I like only being allowed to use songs or song lyrics as clues to get people to guess the word.
Tony chooses Pictionary, then describes his drawing over the phone, which actually works pretty well.
Just some ideas to get you going,
Scotty (and Tony).
⭐ BONUS LINK: MadLibs! Guaranteed to hardly ever work right, after you spend all that time crafting a hilarious, adjective-heavy comedy routine. That's the MadLibs Guarantee©.
⭐ BONUS LINK: Free Crossword Puzzle! Come on, you might as well embrace your inner retired-person and do a crossword. After that, here's a link to find reruns of Murder She Wrote. Embrace the life.
⭐ BONUS LINK: more weird hobbies you might try because quarantine has made you desperate. They talk about the guy who sues people as a hobby... he got into the Guinness Book of World Records for it, then he sued the Guinness Book people! #gogetter

BTW, We haven't podcasted in a few weeks because now we have to run a whole radio station from our houses every morning, but new podcasts are coming!
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