Weekend Quarantine March 28 2020: #Games #FunThings #MoreGames! #Activities #podcast

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ICYMI, We are keeping our distance from each other but continue to broadcast our radio show during quarantine.
🔊If you want to check out this week's podcast, it has some Quarantine activities that we've tried... and some we haven't because we're not quite there yet.
🎵One game we tried on the air was that game where you try to get your smart speaker to say a predetermined word.
"Hey Alexa, who was Hootie's band?"
You win, blowfish. You. Win.
We ended up getting a lot of notes from people who had THEIR smart speaker go off at THEIR house. We are so dumb. Sorry.

🥳Here are some more fun games to play while you're under COVID Quarantine... COVItine©:
- Stick Stick (©ScottyandTony)
See if you can find a stick. It could be an old tree branch, a hockey stick, or a Hickory Stick©.
That's it. That's the game.
- Dishes of Wishes (©ScottyandTony)
Do the dishes and wish for things. Maybe you wish for more soap, or more chocolate, or beer beer beer.
The winner is the one who didn't have to do the dishes because they convinced somebody else that it was a game.
- Barking Up the Wong Tree (©ScottyandTony)
See if you can remember what a tree looks like. Maybe there's one outside somewhere!?
- Bad Mood/Eat Food (©ScottyandTony)
In this game, you wait until someone asks you if you're in a bad mood, then you eat something.
The winner is the person in the worst mood.
- Drop and Give Me Twenty (©ScottyandTony)
This is the game everyone's raving about!!
You try to do a home workout, and fall asleep while doing pushups.
Whoever has the biggest puddle of drool loses.
(Those are just a few to keep you going, check back often for more Quarantine Fun!! *citation needed, may not be fun.)
HERE are some MINUTE TO WIN IT games you might want to try. Maybe you could have an online Minute To Win It party. Please be safe and #PhysicallyDistance!
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