Social Distancing Weekend Show and Podcast Sat March 21 #StayingIn #SocialDistancing #ThingsToDo

Welcome to our Social Distancing Show blog post.

↑scotty: no camera, tony in the rumpus room↑

➤ **UPDATE: HERE's a good link with more ideas to help prevent cabin fever. It also mentions some apps that have become FREE for a month!!

➤ HERE's a running tally of free streaming concerts that you can check out!
 click this artist collage to get more info

➤ We talked about Dressing Your Pet while you're stuck at home. We decided that maybe it's a terrible idea, but Madyson just sent us some classy photos of Ziggy in a bowtie...

↑trying hard to pretend not to pose↑

↑tied the bowtie himself↑ 

↑we call this pose "Blue Steel"

Amie, thanks for sending in this one of Stella!

➤ HERE's a way to watch Netflix with others while you stay apart.

➤ Here's Tony's Terrific Terrible List of Things to do while Staying In©
- teach kids how to play beer pong
- dress up pets (see Ziggy photos above)
- learn how to cook stuff (this might be a great time to perfect your baked potato recipe!)
- make your own booze (you've got a bathtub for a reason...and that reason is to make gin)
- film a movie (recreate one scene for scene...or something more a "hand washing documentary"...i're really good at it now so why not?)
- show the kids some 80's music videos, tell them why much music was better than youtube
- talk about mullets
- Four words: Bob Ross Art Class
- "Alexa! How do I make my own toilet paper???"

HERE is a giant list of things to do when you're stuck at home from the experts at USA Today.
Highlights include:
- text your ex ('Guess what, Karen, I've gained 14 pounds this week on home seclusion!')
- stuff with crayons
- 98 other things

➤ World Record Hot Wheels Track: We think that if everybody takes 6 feet of track to put together, that qualifies as social distancing of 2 meters. (*not a doctor)

➤ Our company has made the Stingray Karaoke App free for awhile. Get it HERE if you want.

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