*May 22 Update* Coronavirus Info - So You've Decided to Get Coronavirus - COVID-19 and You #info

⇒ What You can do to fight the spread of COVID19:
1) Don’t Panic (looking at you, toilet paper hoarder) but take Coronavirus seriously.
2) WASH your hands.
3) Sneeze and Cough into your elbow.
5) Don’t touch yer face (you just touched your face, didn’t you?)
6) Physical Distancing: This means No hugs or handshakes. Stay 2 meter sticks away from people who aren't in your Sweet Sweet Special Bubble©. 
7) Wear a mask whenever you're gonna be around people. It helps to protect other people. So, do it and be a masked hero. HERE's a link on how to make one.
***Update May 22: State of Emergency Update Link HERE
We're in Yellow Alert Phase now, YELLOW
-Your household bubble can be extended to close friends and family.
-Non-regulated health professionals and businesses can open, including acupuncturists and naturopaths.
-Personal services businesses can open, including: barbers, hair stylists, spas, estheticians, manicurists, pedicurists, and tattoo artists.
*Then on Fri May 29:
-Outdoor gatherings up to 50 with physical distancing.
-Religious services of 50 people or fewer can take place indoors with physical distancing.
-Elective surgeries and other non-emergency health-care services will increase.
-Low-contact team sports can be played.
-The following will be allowed to open: Swimming pools, saunas and waterparks, Gyms, yoga and dance studios, Rinks and indoor recreational facilities, Pool halls and bowling alleys.
*Then on Fri June 19:
-overnight camps will be able to open.
Other sectors to be determined
The reopening of casinos, amusement centres, bingo halls, arcades and cinemas, bars (without seating), large live performance venues, and large public gatherings will be determined at a later date when additional evidence is available on the continued success of the province in managing a resurgence of the virus.
It's not all good news though: The Shediac Lobster Festival, the Fredericton Jazz and Blues Fest, and all the County Fairs and Festivals that we usually have in the region are not going to happen. The Province is not allowing major gatherings like festivals and concerts for the rest of the calendar year. They say that this will be reviewed later in the year. This restriction also includes organized sports and going to your favourite bar. The thinking is that there needs to be a vaccine before larger gatherings are permitted. 
⇒ COVID-19 Self-Assessment: HERE is the link to the coronavirus symptom checker.
⇒ Cases in NB: HERE’s the running tally of COVID-19 cases in NB.
⇒ NB Health Zones are HERE:
NB Health Zones Map
 Travel (Provincial): NB (and NS) Border is restricting travel. Unless you are an essential traveller, you might prolly will be stopped from crossing the border. If you enter NB from anywhere outside our province, you must self-isolate for 14 days.
 Travel (Federal): A global travel advisory is in effect, so AVOID NON-ESSENTIAL TRAVEL outside Canada until further notice. Also, icymi, Don’t go CruisingAlso also, the Prime Minister says that anyone with ANY signs of COVID will not be allowed to board DOMESTIC FLIGHTS and TRAINS.
 Travel 2: If you must travelyou need to know THIS STUFF and need to follow THESE Travel Advisories.
 Travel 3: If you’re returning from international travel, you must self-isolate for 14 days. So, STAY AT HOME and AVOID CONTACT with othersDO NOT VISIT HOSPITALSDO NOT visit people most at risk for illnessDO NOT VISIT health-care facilities and long-term care facilities,  nursing homes, seniors’ residences, early learning, and childcare centres, for 14 days after returning to Canada. Monitor yourself for symptoms and if you get headache, congestion, aches, and especially fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, immediately call Tele-care 8-1-1. This also applies to anyone you’ve been in contact with when you arrived.
New Mon April 20: all AIR PASSENGERS must have a non-medical mask or face covering to cover their mouth and nose during travel. 
 Travel-related cases from Moncton Airport: (HERE is the airport info link)
Someone on these flights was at the MonctonYQM Airport and has tested positive for COVID19:
*WestJet flight 3440 from Toronto arriving in Moncton on March 8.
*Air Canada flight 8900 from Montreal arriving in Moncton at 10:12a on March 16.
*WestJet flight 3456 from Toronto arriving in Moncton at 12:05p on March 16.
*Air Canada Flight AC7518 from Toronto arriving in Moncton on March 18.
*Air Transat flight TS2653 from Punta Cana arriving in Moncton at 11:05p on March 18.
*Sunwing flight WG445 from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic arriving in Moncton at 3:50p on Fri Mar 20. They then travelled home to PEI.
***Self-isolate for 14 days if you were on these flights. Call 811 if you develop symptoms.
 Symptoms include: *Note there is a slight change in what to look for*
~Fever over 38 degrees Celsius
~A new cough, or worsening chronic cough
~Sore throat
~Runny nose
~A new onset of fatigue
~A new onset of muscle pain
~Loss of sense of taste
~Loss of sense of smell
~purple markings on kids' fingers and toes
~Difficulty breathing
If you develop symptoms, dial 811 and talk to TeleCare first… it’s confidential and they will advise you what to do next. DO NOT CALL 811 IF YOU DON’T HAVE SYMPTOMS (they are VERY busy).
*Note for Front Line Workers: If you have direct contact with patients and you have developed COVID-19 symptoms since March 20, SELF-ISOLATE IMMEDIATELY. If you work in the Health Care Sector and develop symptoms, you can call this number: 1-833-475-0724. !Note: that is a number for symptomatic Health Care Workers with health questions, not general questions.
 Questions? Coronavirus Questions Hotline from Public Health: 1-833-784-4397 or CLICK THE WEBSITE.