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👉This Week in Leap Day:
🐸Leap Day happens because there are really 365.2 days in a year, so to make the calendar work they add an extra day every four years. It's just like making an extra pancake to soak up all that syrup that's left on your plate.
🐸According to THIS ARTICLE, Leap Day is a chance to do so many fun things you won't be able to stand it. Fun things like: 1)Write a letter to yourself,  2)Make some frog origami, 3)Make a leap day time capsule.
🐸Leap Day Fact Sheet: 1)If you’re born on February 29, you’re known as a leper... wait, that should be “leaper”, 2)It was the ancient Egyptians who figured out the the problem with the calendar, 3)People in Greece say you shouldn't get married in a leap year, but people in Ireland think women should ask men to get married in a leap year, (so if you're superstitious, use your own judgment).

👉If you missed the story last week... This Week in Violin Brain Surgery:
-this musician needed brain surgery
-she worried about losing her violin skills as a result of the operation
-the doctors got her to play during the operation so they could be mindful of what area of the brain they would be trying to preserve
"Surgeons working close to parts of the brain that control important functions such as speech or movement routinely keep patients awake to best determine where tumor gives way to something vital."
-one doc almost got poked with the bow
-patient returned home 3 days after the surgery and is back playing music
Full story and video HERE
-After hearing about this, Tony tried to bring his saxophone to the Blood Clinic. *Results may vary.

👉Plank Plank Plank, Plank Plank Plank, Plank Like Crazy♪:
A 62 year old guy in Florida planked for 8 hours and fifteen minutes and that is a new World Record.
-he is going to do a fitness video
-old record was 8 hours and one minute
-his daily workout routine includes 2000 situps and 700 pushups a day
-his Twitter
Full Story HERE.

👉Dystopian Future Watch:
If you ever have school fundraisers or the WBA (world-bettering activities) let us know! Last week we had that deal where the high school kids got to meet the Mayor and learn about politics. One of the things they get to do is debate a real issue. Last year it was banning plastic bags. We think that the high school kids have great ideas and might be our only hope for the future. If they ever cancel this program, we're doomed to a Planet of the Apes scenario.

↑pictured: it will be bad for us when the apes take over
👉ICYMI: the Social media star (Natalia Taylor... Insta... YT) who had this amazing tropical vacation, then it turned out that the photos were shot at an IKEA (no, not an IKEA in Bali.)
-“...we all need a reminder that not everything you see online is accurate.”
-IKEA did not sponsor this whole deal but they are happy to be an influencer destination.
-Directions to IKEA
-HERE for the whole story

👉Finally! If you want to be a successful YouTuber here is the formula:
=Step 1 is Interview one of the biggest comedy stars of all time while eating hot wings.
=Step 2 is keep an eye on the front door for when they deliver your millions of dollars.
Cards on Table Moment: We've been following half of this formula for years and... nothin'!
⛯⛯⛯-Hot Ones is a Youtube Show where celebs consume hot sauce that gets progressively hotter as their interview continues.
-Will Ferrell's appearance on the show became the number one trending vid on YouTube last week.
-Things we learned from the interview include that Will might've had a few wobbily pops while shooting the Streaking Scene in Old School but it was Snoop's fault, Will studied Sports Broadcasting in college, Will was on Twitter for 4 days before being shouted off the platform,
-Learn more about the Scoville (Pepper Hotness) Scale HERE.

👉This Week in Dentistry:
A Health Insurance place in the States (Delta Dental) has this thing called the Tooth Fairy Index that shows how much money kids are getting for teeth. Average payout: over 4 bucks.
-I just went to the dentist the other day, and they charge substantially more than $4 for tooth extraction.
-Q: When the dentist has a fight with their husband moments before you appointment, is it possible that they take it out on you? Asking for a friend.

👉This Week in Corporate Espionage:
Flywheel got in trouble for corporate espionage the other day. Flywheel makes exercise bikes and they had a plan to steal technology from Peloton (another, fancy exercise bike maker.)
-It was a battle over home exercise bikes that are hooked to the internet.
-It came out in court that Flywheel had a secret plan that, for our purposes, we're calling Operation: Crush Peloton and Burn them to the Ground.
-That did not go as planned... Flywheel lost, Peloton won.
-If you have one of the Flywheel virtual bikes, they are bricked... you're supposed to trade it in for a Peloton.
-More HERE.
👉Stop all of everything in the world. ALL OF EVERYTHING!
Hasbro's Baby Yoda animatronic doll is on pre-order! (already sold out on Amazon, we hear)
-Also features an SN (Sweet Necklace)
-Noises? Yes. Wiggly Ears? Yes. Arms Extend to use the Force? Yes!
-Pre-orders now, doll will be in stores before Christmas.
(You) "How much? Not that it matters because I'm ready to take out a 2nd mortgage if I have to!"
(Hasbro) "$60 please."
More HERE.

👉This Week in slicin' pineapples:
A fella in Indonesia set a new Guinness World Record for slicing a bunch of pineapples with a sword.
-75 pineapples in under 30 seconds
-the pineapples were on the heads of volunteers
-in case you want to break the record, here's his technique: run and swing your sword while volunteers with pineapples on their heads stay very still
-More HERE 

👉Want to see the best movie ever? It's on this list of The best Science Fiction and/or Fantasy movies ever! (Screen Rant)

-List compiled using hard data from Tomatometer
-Do you pronounce it "toe MATE oh Meeter" or do you pronounce it "toe MOM it her"?
-Any movie list that has Snow White (tenth place) and Black Panther (First Place) on it will encompass a wide range of 'something for everybody'.

^Bacon Boy and Flap Jack not on the list
👉This Week in "Friends" Reunion News:
The first rumours of a "Friends" reunion started up three minutes after the "Friends" finale, but the cast has confirmed it's gonna happen really for real, really!
-show will stream on HBO Max in May
-an unscripted special
-cast will get two and a half to three million dollars
-they negotiated that fee together
-all the original stars are back
-they announced the news on their Insta accounts... even Matthew Perry now has Insta
-the HBO Max streaming service only launches in May
-$$ stuff from THR"Sources say WarnerMedia paid $85 million per year for five years ($425 million) to reclaim streaming rights to Friends for its own platform. (Netflix, for its part, paid $80 million to $100 million to keep Friends on its service for 2019 and was ultimately outbid by WarnerMedia.)"
-More HERE
-for more info about watching "Friends" in Canada see THIS WIKIPEDIA ENTRY. "Friends" is still on Netflix in Canada. Many HBO Max shows will be offered in Canada via Crave TV and other places, but I don't know what the deal is with the "Friends" reunion.

Here at the Scotty and Tony Show, we like to keep up-to-date on the end of the world. Things like:
-When will the world end?
-Do I have time to order a pizza before the end of the world, or should I just hit the Drive-thru?
-Is there any way to avoid the end of the world?
Armageddon Fact Sheet:
🌠There's an asteroid named 99942 Apophis that is coming our way (next pass is in April of 2029.)
🌠It might get pulled into the earth (thanks a LOT, gravity. #sarcasm)
🌠Researchers at MIT are on the case. The key is deflection.
*Deflection is also the key to not getting in trouble at work. 
Example: "Yes, I was late for my shift, but... is that a trash can fire over there?" (lights trash can fire, leaves.) #deflection
🌠NASA has a plan that uses a rocket to deflect an asteroid like shooting pool ("The basic physics principle is sort of like playing billiards,")
🌠Read the whole MIT paper HERE.


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