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➽This Week in Coffee:
Another study says coffee is good for your health.
You: "Really fellas? There must be a catch."
Us: "Yes. Yes there is a catch. You can't have twelve cups a day."
-Drinking the right kind of coffee in the right quantities is good for y'all.
-5 cups a day seems like a good amount.
-They think it reduces your chances of getting diabetes, Parkinson's, and liver disease.
-BUT, Don't have French Press coffee b/c they think it could raise your bad cholesterol.
-Here's a LINK to the details

➽This Week in cool home-made cell phones:
-Style: On a scale of Iphone to Bag Phone, it's a StarTac©.
-Function: it has a rotary dial so you can't text, you can only make calls. If you have LSF* it might take some getting used to. *Large Sausage Fingers *
-Final Score: a perfect score of 30!
-Inventor's name is Justine Haupt
-Justine 3D printed the phone case
-The rest is old parts and sorcery
-Justine published schematics so you can make your own!
From the inventor:
"Why a rotary cellphone? Because in a finicky, annoying, touchscreen world of hyperconnected people using phones they have no control over or understanding of, I wanted something that would be entirely mine, personal, and absolutely tactile, while also giving me an excuse for not texting."
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➽This Week in Alien Megastructures:
Researchers have discovered a repeating radio signal from outer space.
Fact Sheet:
-It repeats every 16 days. That's weird.
-What could it be? Scientists are taking the lazy approach of coming up with theories, instead of flying 500 million light-years to the Insectoid Megastructure to find out.
-The guy who runs SETI (the research facility where scientists listen to the big satellite dish) says it aint the aliens, and that we true believers are derps. We all know he uses the big dish to listen to the Doobie Brothers. We're on to you, Seth.
-If it aint the aliens, it might be a Magnetar.
What's a Magnetar? Obviously it is a large electric guitar made of solid iron. It's right in the name. #SavedYouAClick

➽This Week in Million Dollar Ideas:

➽This Week in World Records:
David Rush is the guy who keeps breaking World Records and uses the attention to promote STEM education. This time around he stepped on balloons.
If you want to beat his record, you'll need to Foot-Pop(© 2020 Scotty and Tony Inc) a hundred balloons in under 23.69 seconds.
Now he can cut his toenails.
HiiiiiiiiYoooooooooooooo!!! #DadJokes

➽This Week in Rich! Here's the Forbes list of rich acting actors:
1) Scarlett Johansson - $56 million
2) Sofia Vergara - $44.1 million
3) Reese Witherspoon - $35 million
4) Nicole Kidman - $34 million
5) Jennifer Aniston - $28 million
1) Dwayne Johnson - $89.4 million
2) Chris Hemsworth - $76.4 million
3) Robert Downey Jr. - $66 million.
4) Akshay Kumar - $65 million,
5) Jackie Chan - $58 million,
6) (tie) Bradley Cooper - $57 million, (tie) Adam Sandler - $57 million
*The Rock mostly made his money from the Jumanji sequel... also made $700,000 per episode for the HBO show Ballers.
*Scarlett made her cash for Avengers: Endgame and the Black Widow movie that's coming out.
*ICYMI: Number 4 on the guys' list is a Canadian, Bollywood actor.

➽This Week in Rich Redux: The Jackie Jinx!
Jackie Chan is the 5th highest-paid actor on the new Forbes list.
When you google "Where does Jackie Chan make his money?" you learn that he is also a singer, and does a ton of endorsements.
As a matter of fact, *Jackie Chan's Endorsement Curse* is a whole other topic. A LOT of the products and businesses that Jackie Chan has endorsed ended up going wrong:
1) an Anti Hair-Loss shampoo Chan endorsed might have carcinogens in it
2) an Auto Repair School endorsed by Jackie Chan got involved in some kind of diploma scandal
3) a Video CD company that Jackie plugged ended up going bankrupt and somebody went to jail for fraud
4) a computer for kids that was promoted by Jackie ended up being a failure (but luckily did not catch on fire, so could've been worse)
5) Fenhuang Cola ended up failing (but didn't make people sick, so could've been worse)
6) a brand of air-conditioner endorsed by Jackie Chan ended up in the news because one exploded
All the above are from the LA Times article "If Jackie Chan says it’s good, get a second opinion"

➽This Week in Jetpacks:
I think we can all agree on one thing: by the year 2020 we should have jetpacks. Science has failed us. Or maybe not...
The Jetman of Dubai seems to be making our Jetpack Dreams a reality. This clip has been trending online.
-How much will one of these cost? Not sure, but send us one immediately and make the bill out to Stingray Radio Inc
-Will there be a version with enough lift for us husky boys? (from Scotty)
-Why aren't you wearing AT LEAST elbow pads?
*more Jetman info HERE

➽This Week in UFOs:
THIS Popular Science Mechanics article has been trending online.
Primer Notes for Non-believers:
🛸People inside the US Gov say they have been investigating UFOs for years.
🛸UFOs are real, but WHAT they are is anyone's guess.
🛸Things really got rolling on the US UFO Program story when the NYT did THIS ARTICLE.
🛸The US UFO Program that everybody's been talking about is the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP... pronounced ^AY tip).
🛸Some pretty good evidence of weirdness came from military eyewitnesses and video footage from what is called the Nimitz (aircraft carrier) Encounter around 2004. People saw some whacked-out stuff. There's more video and photos with this Pop Sci article.
🛸How can they cover up things like this? One way to keep weird, X Files type government investigations quiet, is to award the research contract to a private company that doesn't fall under the Freedom of Information Act. (Looking at you, Bigelow Aerospace.)
🛸Speaking of Weird Things: a private scientific investigation company got government funding to study not only strange aerial phenomena, but also what most of us would call a HAUNTED RANCH in Utah.

Need More Details?
-Skinwalker Ranch Book LINK (scientists saw some weird stuff.)
-Jason McClellan's Twitter FEED (researcher/reporter)
-Podcast UFO LINK (interesting that their site has been hacked again!?)

➽This Week in App Fails:
HQ Trivia is over. For a while there, it was THE HOTTEST APP going... big stars did guest appearances... millions of people played this live game show for sweet sweet money. Now, they are shutting the app down :(
People lost interest.
Scotty didn't play HQ. Tony did, and here are his thoughts on HQ Trivia...
➽This Week in Saving the Planet with Blobs:
A company invented this plant-based blob material that holds liquid and can replace plastic bottles.
-In case you can't get a good look at the Planet-Saving Blobs, they're sort of like Tide Pods. Suggested brand name: Blob Pods©.
-You can put booze in them! Suggested name for the booze ones: Booze Blobs©.
-They will be handing out Water Blobs© to runners at the London Half Marathon  in March.
-You can bite into the Water Blob, drink the water like it's a MiniSip© and then throw away the empty blob (it's not bad for the environment).
-Or you can eat the blob (it's made from seaweed).
-Q: But fellas, aren't people  touching my blob before I eat it? A: Yes. Think of it like a piece of fruit that you'd wash before eating.
-These aren't as practical as Plastic Water Bottles, but the blobs don't hurt the turtles. Potential Slogan: "Saving the Turtles, One Blob at a Time!"
-One Million plastic water bottles are sold EVERY MINUTE!

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