This Week in Armageddon: Researchers might have it solved?!

Here at the Scotty and Tony Show, we like to keep up-to-date on the end of the world. Things like:
-When will the world end?
-Do I have time to order a pizza before the end of the world, or should I just hit the Drive-thru?
-Is there any way to avoid the end of the world?

Armageddon Fact Sheet:
🌠There's an asteroid named 99942 Apophis that is coming our way (next pass is in April of 2029.)
🌠It might get pulled into the earth (thanks a LOT, gravity. #sarcasm)
🌠Researchers at MIT are on the case. The key is deflection.
*Deflection is also the key to not getting in trouble at work. 
Example: "Yes, I was late for my shift, but... is that a trash can fire over there?" (lights trash can fire, leaves.) #deflection
🌠NASA has a plan that uses a rocket to deflect an asteroid like shooting pool ("The basic physics principle is sort of like playing billiards,")
🌠Read the whole MIT paper HERE.

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