The Problem with Netflix's New Top Ten List

ICYMI, Netflix Top Tens is a new feature... now when you open Netflix it shows you the top ten shows/movies in Canada.

📺First, Thank You Netflix for new features. You COULD just take the billions of dollars that we subscribers pay and tell us to pound sand. What am I gonna do, stop watching? Go back to getting more than three hours of sleep a night? Talk to my family? Nope. You got me hooked, I aint going anywhere.
So, yeah, thanks for features. AAAAAnnnd for walking-back features when people are driven crazy...
👞HERE's how to turn off the Autoplay Preview feature. So annoying.👞

📺Second Point:
I love Top Tens. You love Top Tens. Top Tens have been around since Moses brought down the Ten Commandments, and those seem like pretty good ideas (tries to remember the Ten Commandments, gets two.)
So, it's all good baby! Right?
Then I watched Top Ten pick, "Girl on the Third Floor" starring pro fighter CM Punk. Audience Score Tomatometer = 33%. To be fair, it has better critic numbers, so maybe I just didn't get it? And yes, I added that last part just in case CM Punk reads every review on the internet and seeks vengeance.
Netflix Top Tens has nothing to do with Tamatometer Scores, it's just a list of what we're all watching. I don't know about you*, but all I do is click on new stuff. (*JK, I totally DO know about you.) New stuff is always going to make the Top Tens.
When I watched "Girl on the Third Floor", I just helped it stay in the Top Ten. I'm part of the problem. I'M PART OF THE PROBLEM! (shows self out)

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