Weekend Review Sat Jan 18: Fat Tongues, How to win $10,000 in Popeye's Chicken, Find Love on the Moon, This Week in Cheese #TMDPodcast

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Popeye's Restaurant rewards terrible Family Feud answer:
The lady who gave a terrible answer on Canadian Family Feud is getting rewarded because: internet.
ICYMI, Popeye's favourite food is spinach... the lady buzzed in and said "♫Chiiiiickennnnn♪" and danced a victory dance.
Popeyes Chicken is giving her $10,000 worth of free food.

Trouble Sleeping? Put your tongue on a diet!?
Losing tongue fat can improve symptoms for sleep apnea.
The more tongue fat you lose, the more your apnea improves.
So how do you lose tongue fat? Try a tiny tongue treadmill!
No, not really. You have to lose weight all over.
Technology has made us bad at these things:
Remembering passwords. Remembering other people's phone numbers. Spelling, because of spell check.
Whole list HERE.
Are you a Digital Hoarder?
Why delete anything, ever, when you can just keep saving things to the desktop. right!?
52% of us have never deleted a file.
This Week in Billionaire Moon Romance:
This 44-year-old billionaire in Japan is looking for love. The successful applicant will be chosen to go on a date to the moon. Serious. He took Applications.

New word phrase alert: Cheetle Dust is that stuff that makes your fingers orange when you eat Cheetos. Used in a sentence: “There is Cheetle on my hands, everyone, Cheetle!!” Now you can get Cheetle-covered popcorn.
How to revitalize leftover French Fries: reheat them in your waffle maker!
Put your waffle iron on high and reheat the fries 'til golden brown.
Further testing required- I'll let you know.
Other things to put in a waffle maker... good luck!
This Week in Dusting Cheese for Prints:
Somebody in Texas covered a car in cheese slices. Investigators say it's super-easy to get fingerprints off cheese slices, so someone is gonna get caught.
If you're thinking of trying this hilarious prank, you need to sand off your fingerprints first. Rookie.
BTW, the #CheeseChallenge is all over TikTok. People are throwing cheese at everything.

This Week in Cookies:
Oreo cookies have a contest where you can vote for how much filling they should have. If you ever thought double-stuffed Oreos weren't enough stuff, here's your chance to vote for more stuff... and you could win $100,000 too!
Note: The Oreo Size Range is Thins, Original, Double Stuf, Mega Stuf, and Most Stuf.
Note 2: You have to be from the States to enter, but look at that delicious Mega Stuf Oreo! Totally worth getting a fake passport for...

Oscar Nom Notes:
- "Joker" got the most nominations (11), then it was "The Irishman", "1917", and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (10). ICYMI, "1917" and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" won at the Golden Globes earlier this month.
 --Seems like there's more talk about who DIDN'T get nominated than who DID...
- Adam Sandler did not get an Oscar nom for "Uncut Gems"
- "Little Women" director Greta Gerwig did not get a nom
- Meryl Streep not nominated (that's two two years in a row)
- Jennifer Lopez was not nominated for "Hustlers"
- "Frozen 2" wasn't nominated
- Beyoncé did not get a Best Song nomination for the song "Spirit" from "The Lion King"
- DeNiro wasn't nominated for "The Irishman" but Pesci and Pacino were (this movie made Tony fall asleep)
 --Streaming is winning...
- Netflix led everybody else with 24 nominations, Disney had 23.
 --What if Scar-Jo doesn't win!?
- Scarlett Johansson got 2 nominations: Best Actress for "Marriage Story" and Best Supporting Actress for "Jojo Rabbit".
 --Oscars are on February 9th. There will be no host again this year.
-92 Facts about the 92nd Oscars
This Week in Jelly Bean Water:
Jelly Belly has a new line of Jelly Bean Sparkling Water.
non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, French vanilla, lemon lime, orange sherbet, pina colada, pink grapefruit, tangerine, cherry, and watermelon.
Ken Jennings is the Ultimate Jeopardy Champ:
He beat Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer and gets a million bucks (the other guys got $250,000.) 
Ratings for the tournament were huge!

This Week in Book Crime:
There's a librarian in Pittsburgh who's been stealing books from his library's rare book room. He's been doing it for a long time and finally got caught. He stole 8 million dollars worth of books and fenced them through a book shop.
One of the books was an Isaac Newton book worth $900,000.
They say he'll probably just get probation... could get up to 16 months in prison. 

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