Weekend Review Sat Jan 11 2020: Timbits Cereal, Maple Leafs or Leaf? Wienermobile Pilots Needed, Parrot 911, Top Netflix of #2019 #TMD #TrendingMomentsDigest #Podcast

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Timbits Cereal is real? Finally!! *The company says that chocolate glaze and birthday cake flavours are coming soon.

Leafs fan gets a Maple Leaf Foods Bday Cake by Mistake, Maple Leaf Foods makes it right:

in a related note, we need new Winter tires...

This Week in Wieners: Oscar Meyer is looking for Wienermobile Pilots.
-27 foot long wiener-on-wheels
-one-year contract
-makes a terrible getaway vehicle
-if you drive it into a swimming pool full of mustard that will be frowned on, which seems counter-intuitive
The other day, 3 Pigs walked into a Russian grocery store, went to the liquor aisle, knocked over some cognac, and drank it.
*Dad Joke Alert*
Then they went WEEEEEEEE all the way home.

Trending: Laughing Chicken in the New York Post. I was going to embed the video but it starts playing automatically and that behaviour needs to STOP!
Watch the video HERE.
Everybody was laughing at that Parrot Story this week:

New Study: trust your gut!
-study involved gamblers
-going with your first instinct means you'll be correct 20% more often
-if you second-guess yourself, you'll think less clearly and end up making worse decisions
Christmas Tree Stats: somebody you know still has their tree up
*2% of us leave the tree up until February
*4% of us got rid of the tree on Christmas Day!
Top Movies on Netflix in 2019:
(3) "The Incredibles 2"
(2) Six Underground (w/ Ryan Reynolds)
(1) "Murder Mystery" (Aniston and Sandler)

Top TV Shows on Netflix in 2019:
(3) "The Umbrella Academy"
(2) "The Witcher"
(1) "Stranger Things 3"
This Week in Competitive Eating: 10 pounds of canned spaghetti in 12 minutes! *Note: Do NOT try eating ten pounds of canned spaghetti unless you're a pro like this lady...

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