Nut Fans of the World saddened by loss of great nut #MrPeanut #Planters #Peanuts #RiPeanut

Yesterday, a video was released which seems to indicate that Mr. Peanut has passed away. Mr. Peanut was the spokesnut for Planters Peanuts for more than 100 years. In the video, it appears that the Nutmobile© in which Mr. Peanut was riding, careened off a cliff. Mr. Peanut ends up hanging onto a branch sticking out from the cliff, but he eventually let go, fell to the bottom, and then exploded.
Funeral services will be held during the Superbowl's third quarter (Feb 2)
Mr. P's travelling companions,  Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes, appeared to be shaken but unharmed. Both offered no further comment at time of publication.
-Larry Crenshaw, New Country Newsroom.

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