Another Friends Reunion Update: it's locked in for May! #Friends #Reunion #JenniferAniston #Joey #Monica #ChanandlerBong

*******UPDATE Feb 24 2020: Reunion Special Confirmed!

The first rumours of a "Friends" reunion started up three minutes after the "Friends" finale, but the cast has confirmed it's gonna happen really for real, really!
-show will stream on HBO Max in May
-an unscripted special
-cast will get two and a half to three million dollars
-they negotiated that fee together
-all the original stars are back
-they announced the news on their Insta accounts... even Matthew Perry now has Insta
-the HBO Max streaming service only launches in May
-$$ stuff from THR: "Sources say WarnerMedia paid $85 million per year for five years ($425 million) to reclaim streaming rights to Friends for its own platform. (Netflix, for its part, paid $80 million to $100 million to keep Friends on its service for 2019 and was ultimately outbid by WarnerMedia.)"
-More HERE
-for more info about watching "Friends" in Canada see THIS WIKIPEDIA ENTRY. "Friends" is still on Netflix in Canada. Many HBO Max shows will be offered in Canada via Crave TV and other places, but I don't know what the deal is with the "Friends" reunion.

*******END UPDATE older details below

(Entire World 3 minutes after Friends Finale): "I hear there's gonna be a Friends reunion!"
In 2019 it seemed close to happening. HBO Max was gonna have something!? Now, the folks at HBO Max seem less confident.

Editorial: let's face it, about 80 % of the jokes from Friends would be called insensitive today. There would be no going back there. So what would a new Friends episode look like? Here are a few jump-off points for the Friends writers:
-Ross: banned from Disneyland for previous transgressions, attempts to sneak into Rise of the Resistance
-Rachael: develops agoraphobia, becomes home vlogger
-Chandler: was a ghost the whole time
-Monica: lives in a food truck
-Joey: maybe a Flowers For Algernon scenario?
-Phoebe: becomes a cat lady
-Gunther: joins a cult. but a hilarious one.
-Smelly Cat: memed
-Tom Selleck: 3 episode arc involving gun control
-Ugly Naked Guy: gets well-deserved apology
-Brad Pitt: the Friends make him deliver the apology

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