Weekend Review Dec 14 2019: *Holiday Special* Most Returned Holiday Gifts #Shoes #Toys #Tunes #AustralianRetraction

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Most Returned Holiday Gifts! Research this list and do what you want with it (revenge gift or thoughtful gift?)
Last week we did a "Christmas Traditions Around the World" special and got everything about Australia wrong. Bill from New South Wales emailed us to help us learn the truth about Australian Christmas. Some key points:
--It is too hot to bake a turkey
--Most folks will prolly have chicken and salad for Christmas dinner
--Nobody has Christmas dinner on the beach (and not because of the saltwater crocs either)
--Mince pies? Nope.
--Christmas is spent around the air conditioner!
Check out Bill's thermometer! It was like 50 degrees Celsius or something the day he emailed us... 
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