What's Trending Tues Nov 26: Marissa Shephard Retrial, Petitcodiac River Rescue False Alarm, Dieppe Uniplex seems impressive, Santa Parade Donations have been Tallied, Delays on Gorge Road

-Late school buses: Franc South, Anglo East, other places
-Storm Page: HERE
-Traffic Note for Gorge Road Today and Wed:
Gorge Rd down to one lane between Mountain and Frampton, 9a-7p on Tues Nov 26 and Wed Nov 27
-Petitcodiac River Rescue False Alarm:
If you saw some commotion after lunch yesterday, Salisbury and Moncton Fire Crews got a call that there was a capsized boat in the Petitcodiac early on Monday afternoon. This happened in the Boundary Creek area. It turned out there was a boat in the river, but no one had capsized and gone in the river. The boat had just gotten loose and went adrift.
(Times Transcript: https://tj.news/story/101114560?ref=tw)
-Marissa Shephard Retrial:
The Crown won't be fighting the NB Appeal Court's ruling that there should be a retrial for Marissa Shephard in connection with the death of Moncton teenager  Baylee Wylie. Last month, the appeal court ruled that errors were made, fairness was compromised, and that Shephard should get a retrial.
The Crown agreed and they'll be setting a new trial date.
Shephard will stay in custody until then.
(CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/marissa-shephard-crown-appeal-new-trial-1.5372584)
-Ladies Hoop Classic High School Basketball Tourney this Week:
The Ladies High School Hoop Classic basketball tourney 2019 is Wed Nov 27 to Sat Nov 30, mostly at Moncton High (full sched).
Good luck to all teams, but mostly good luck to our schools (sorry, out-of-town schools, we're just pumping the truth through the Truth Tube©)
-Dieppe Uniplex seems impressive:
Dieppe's Mayor Yvon showed the press around the new Uniplex they're constructing- it's still early in construction, but it looks pretty snappy...
^Cost is around $31 million.
^It's gonna have two NHL-size rinks, a greenhouse, a community kitchen, meeting rooms, and a walking track.
^Scheduled to open in the Fall
(CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/dieppe-uniplex-construction-1.5372599)
-Santa Parade Donations have been Tallied:
Food Depot Alimentaire says that your donations to the Tim Horton's Food Drive at this year's Santa Claus Parade totaled nine and a half tons of food and $2120 in cash donations!
-New Brunswick is on the list of Provinces affected by a Romaine Recall:
There's another E coli scare for Romaine from Salinas, California.
If you have these Bonduelle brand salad products, throw them away:
=Bonduelle Caesar Salad with Chicken and Bacon
=Bonduelle Chef Inspired Salad with Turkey & Ham
=Bonduelle Cobb Salad with Turkey & Bacon
=Bonduelle Santa Fe Style Salad with Chicken
More: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-11-22/eng/1574484580118/1574484580525
-Q League Hockey:
Moncton Wildcats are home to Val-d'Or on Thursday night.
The Moncton AAA Flyers are back in action on Saturday night in NS.
-Deer invade Riverview:
Over the weekend the Town of Riverview tweeted:
"Deer friends, we’ve got word that a deer is wandering through residential areas and getting overly friendly with residents. We would like to remind people that they should not be approaching or feeding the wildlife. Learn more here:  http://tieit.li/tvtwfa"
-Black Friday is this Week:
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