What's Trending Mon Nov 25 2019: Grey Cup, Pellet Gun Scare, Vaccines, Romaine Recall

-Late school buses: Franc South, Anglo East, other places
-Storm Page: HERE
-Pellet Gun Scare:
A 22 year old guy allegedly flashed a weapon in-the-direction-of-a-car that was driving behind the grocery store on Main Street on Saturday night (around 6:30.) RCMP tracked the guy down and he'll be charged with possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes. Court date is March 18.
(more at Times and Transcript: https://tj.news/timesandtranscript/101113358)
-Education Minister Determined to get Vaccine Bill passed:
NB Education Minister, Dominic Cardy, is using the "Not Withstanding" clause to get a mandatory vaccination law in NB. If the Bill passes, it'll mean that, unless you have a valid medical reason for not getting your kid vaccinated, you'll have to get your kid vaccinated if they go to public school. The Not Withstanding Clause makes it so you can't say: "this law's unconstitutional- I'm taking it to the Supreme Court!"
It's not a law yet, and it looks like MLAs are free to vote how they want on this despite their political party so... to be continued.
Get background and more details here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/cardy-notwithstanding-clause-mandatory-vaccination-bill-1.5369965?cmp=rss
-CFL/ Grey Cup 2019:
It was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, featuring Mike Miller from Riverview, versus the Hamilton TigerCats on Sunday... The Blue Bombers beat Hamilton 33-12.
-New Brunswick is on the list of Provinces affected by a Romaine Recall:
There's another E coli scare for Romaine from Salinas, California.
If you have these Bonduelle brand salad products, throw them away:
=Bonduelle Caesar Salad with Chicken and Bacon
=Bonduelle Chef Inspired Salad with Turkey & Ham
=Bonduelle Cobb Salad with Turkey & Bacon
=Bonduelle Santa Fe Style Salad with Chicken
More: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-11-22/eng/1574484580118/1574484580525
-Q League Hockey:
Moncton Wildcats won in Halifax on the weekend.
Cats are home to Val-d'Or on Thursday night.
The Moncton AAA Flyers played  the Kensington Wild on Sunday afternoon. The Wild won 4-2. Flyers back in action on Saturday night in NS.
-Deer invade Riverview:
Over the weekend the Town of Riverview tweeted:
"Deer friends, we’ve got word that a deer is wandering through residential areas and getting overly friendly with residents. We would like to remind people that they should not be approaching or feeding the wildlife. Learn more here:  http://tieit.li/tvtwfa"
-Ladies Hoop Classic High School Basketball Tourney this Week:
The Ladies High School Hoop Classic basketball tourney 2019 is Wed Nov 27 to Sat Nov 30, mostly at Moncton High (full sched).
Good luck to all teams, but mostly good luck to our schools (sorry, out-of-town schools, we're just pumping the truth through the Truth Tube©)
-Traffic Note for later this week:
Gorge Rd, between Mountain Rd and Frampton Ln, will be reduced to one lane (stop and go) between 9 am and 7 pm on Tuesday, November 26 and Wednesday, November 27 to allow for the installation of water and sewer services in the area. #Moncton
-Black Friday is this Week:
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