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If you're going to a parade, or going to be in a parade this Santa Parade Season©, here are some Parade Facts that'll make you the coolest person in the car:

1) Canada has the world record for the Largest Christmas Parade, and the longest-running kids' parade in the world! The Toronto Santa Claus Parade is in the Guiness Book of World Records! Also, no one has measured officially, but we MUST have the record for most empty coffee cups after everyone goes home, too. Hats off to the cleanup crews who have to swoop in after our parade to clean up.

2) If you've ever been underwhelmed by a parade, it could've been worse. The Toronto Santa Claus Parade has been running since 1905 - that's a record - but that first year the parade was one float. It was only Santa. Imagine going to that parade... you park the car, you zip up the kids' Skidoo suit, you hoof it downtown, the kids are whining because they want hot chocolate, eventually you get everyone settled in a spot... finally Santa goes by... and, parade over.

3)If you need to jazz up your Santa Parade, consider using real reindeer. They did it before in Toronto. Eaton's Dept Store bought them especially to pull Santa's sleigh, then one of the execs took them to live on his estate. Crazy!

4) If you watch the big parade on TV, those random clowns walking the parade have paid money to charity to be allowed to be a scary clown. It's like a thousand dollars or something! I think the upside down clowns should pay more for being so confusing to spectators. "Where do I look, at the face or the feet?"

5) Amazing trivia to share while you're stuck in parade traffic:
Q: What is the most recorded Xmas song ever?
A: Silent Night! It's been recorded more than 700 times.

6) True or False: eggnog was invented during the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin Christmas party of 1910.
False. First batch of eggnog was made in America in 1607! More than 400 years ago!

7) What is the top selling Christmas album of all time?
a) Elvis' Christmas Album
b) Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas
c) Kenny and Dolly's Christmas Album?
Answer: a) Elvis Presley’s Christmas Album has sold 13 million copies in North America!

8)What is the most successful Christmas movie of all time?
a) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
b) Christmas with the Kranks
c) Elf
d) Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
d) How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ starring Jim Carrey is the most successful Christmas movie, earning $345 million worldwide!

9) If you want to break the world record for most Christmas lights, get crackin'! In 2014, a family in New York put 600,000 lights on their house. #worldrecord!
Pop quiz for Tony: how much would that cost for lights?

10) Here's a great story about the Macy's parade: in the 1928 parade five balloons (an elephant, a 60-foot tiger, a couple of birds, and a 25-foot-high ghost) were released after the parade. Yes, on purpose.
Here are some quotes and paraphrased anecdotes from a New York Times article, “The figures are expected to rise to 2000 to 3000 feet and are timed by a slow leak to stay aloft for a week to 10 days. By then it is expected they will have alighted in various parts of the country.”
So, whoever returned the balloons got a $100 reward.
"The first balloon to land was the Tiger, which the Times reported landed on the roof of a Long Island home: A tug of war ensued … By December 1, four of the balloons had landed... one in the East River, where it was chased after by tugboats... The parade do its last balloon race in 1932 because they almost caused two plane crashes! ... one pilot snagged a balloon in mid-air to receive a $25 reward... and in 1932, they say a 22-year-old lady taking flying lessons flew into one of the released balloons on purpose. She has to be saved from crashing by her flight instructor."

11) the Macy's parade balloons cost a LOT. A new one is $190,000.
There have been some cuckoo balloons...
the Nantucket Sea Monster (1937), the wrestler The Terrible Turk (it split in half in 1931), a Pinocchio with a 44-foot-long nose (1937), a couple of two-headed balloons (1936), an ice cream cone, and a jack ‘o lantern (1945), a space man (1952), Smokey the Bear (1969), Linus the Lion (1973), and more
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