Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Program 2019

How to Help the Salvation Army to help others:
1) See a Salvation Army Kettle somewhere around town? Put money in that kettle. Your donation will help families around here.
2) Donate online HERE.
3) Host an Online Kettle! Sign up HERE then share your Kettle on Social Media! You love sharing things on Social Media anyway sooo... 

*Open Letter to Salvation Army:
This "Host Your Own Kettle Online" deal needs to be available as a REAL LIFE option.
Step 1: You get a kettle on a chain
Step 2: You wear that kettle everywhere
-Key point to remember: as your Neck Kettle© fills up with nickels, it's gonna be a terrific workout.
-Potential Slogan: "Every Day is Neck Day when you're wearing a Salvation Army Kettle!"

*Serious Note:
If you'd like to register to receive gifts from the Toys for Kids Program call 506-389-9901

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