Weekend Review Sat Oct 5: Halloween Candy and Robots

-Tulsa guy wiped his business billboard signs and put a romantic message on 'em. It got a lot of attention because: romance.
"Amy, I love you more."

-Most popular Halloween Candy in the USA... (shoutout to our friends in Maine who love  Peanut Butter Cups.)
BTW, We made a map of Canada showing how every province loves Kraft cheese slices. You should totally hand out cheese slices this Halloween.

-A bunch of guys named Nigel set a world record for getting together in the same bar. "Nigel Night" had a total of 433 guys named Nigel. New record!

-Idea: Corn Maze Hustler:
Learn your neighborhood corn maze, memorize it, pretend you don't know your way around, make bets and take people's money. You might need to wear a disguise.

-Somebody sued Jerry Seinfeld saying they gave Seinfeld the idea for Comedians in Cars. Seinfeld won.
"this lawsuit was nothing but a money-grab." 

-World record guy strikes again... Sliced 70 Grapes in one minute... With a Samurai Sword... while atop a balance board.

-Digital Billboard Plays Dirty Movies on Michigan Highway... witnesses say it played for 20 minutes... a couple guys broke into the building where the sign computer is and switched it to dirty stuff...

-Stranger Things Renewed for Season 4... kind of just a formality, right? Creators have signed a rumoured 9 figure deal with Netflix! That's a lot of money, in case you were unsure. When will Strangers Things 4.0 premiere?

-Survey: If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Just say pizza and get it over with...

-Self-Driving Garbage Can is total game changer...

-High Fashion Runway Crasher...

-A nine-year-old kid in Minnesota took a wrong turn during a 5K race . . . ended up running the 10K version by mistake . . . and won it... like, beat adults to the finish line, after getting lost on the kids race route!

ICYMI: Guy posted this Alien Abduction/ Halloween Costume video
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