Jim Gaffigan Show at Avenir Centre Jan 18. Slogan Idea: Laugh again with Gaffigan© 2019 S&T Inc

Comic Jim Gaffigan is at Avenir Centre on Jan 18 at 8pm.
Tix on sale now (more info below.)
Listen this week (Oct 29-Nov 1) at 8:45a for a chance to win tix.
*Note about Tickets:
-Jim's site shares this presale stuff: Pre-sale Wed 10/30 @ 10AM - Thur 10/31 @ 10PM! Use Pre-sale Password: PALE.
-buy tix HERE, at the box office downtown, or by Phone at 1-855-985-2787 (ticketmaster), 1-506-962-4545 (Avenir Ctr)
-Tickets range from around $45 to around $85.

BTW, we'll let you know if he goes with our slogan idea: "Laugh again with Gaffigan©"... also "Get Laffy with Gaffy©".

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