Slime Recall!

Health Canada did tests and discovered that DIY Shake Slime doesn't meet safety requirements because of boric acid.
You: "Boric, Schmoric!"
Scientists: "It can be really bad for kids- this is serious. Take this away from your kids"
More: This is DIY Shake Slime that comes in a kit to make your own slime. It has powder that you add water too.
Here are the item numbers:
DIY Glitter Shake Slime 13369
DIY Confetti Shake Slime 13370
DIY Scented Scent Shake Slime 13371
DIY 3 in 1 Shake Slime 13372
DIY Large Shake Slime Kit 13583
DIY Glow Shake Slime 13584
DIY Galaxy Shake Slime 13585

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