Dieppe Junk Week 2019: Week of Oct 7

First things first:
The Mobile Eco Depot is at Dieppe Operations Centre (100 Rufin St) on Wed Sept 25 and Thurs Sept 26 from noon to 8p. This is that deal where you can drop off e-waste, tires, appliances, etc (More HERE)
Fall Junk Week Notes:
-Put out your junk on your regular trash day (Tues, Wed, or Fri)
-Items aren't always picked up right away- thanks for your patience
-Don't put out tires and Household Hazardous Waste, they won't take that stuff (take that stuff to Mobile Eco Depot as mentioned above ↑)
-Tie up tree branches in bundles 2 feet by 2 feet or smaller... branches less than 1 inch in diameter
-TVs are picked up by a different truck so please keep them separate
-Please no garbage mountains. Yes, it's hilarious- but also dangerous
More info HERE

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