Saturday Shenanigans Aug 31 2019: Summer Bucket List, Labor Day, Back to School

Labor Day Weekend: the perfect time to check off the last few items on your Summer Bucket List!

Some of your common concerns. 

Q: Dear Scotty and Tony, Is it too late to get a tan for Summer??
A: Well, anything's possible... but if you're so pale that the Federal Government has asked you to stand at the shore so that boats can navigate safely, then... yes it's too late.

Q: Should I mow my lawn one final time?
A: No... you should mow MY lawn... I'll even let you bring your own mower. You're welcome.

Q: Should I go skinny dipping?
A: Well... as a never nude myself I'm a NO on this one... but also... have you heard of blue green algae? Double NOPE.

We have mixed emotions this time of year... sometimes we're happy.... sometimes we're super-happy.
Hahaha just joking, kids. We'll miss you... but we're thankful to get the sofa back.
As far as Back to School trends, we're happy to see that pencils still exist. We are hypnotized by sequin-reveal lunchboxes. Send us your school announcements here:

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