Saturday Shenanigans June 8 2019: Principal- oops, VCRs, Dad Jokes, Bacon Smores, 25 cups of coffee? Best Friends Day!!

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=This Week in Plagiarism… Principal steals speech from Ashton Kutcher, doesn’t seem too apologizey about it... (via)

=ICYMI: the other day was VCR Day…
if you still have a VCR we strongly encourage you to not switch to Beta.

=This Week in Dad Jokes… What’s blue and not heavy? Light blue

=This Week in Fashion… dudes in tube tops is a thing now… should be a crime but is not yet a crime… if nobody has copyrighted the term Dude Tube© that is also a crime…

=This Week in Coffee… there's another coffee study out (there's a new one every week, right?) that says maybe drinking 25 cups of coffee a day isn't so bad… they're NOT RECOMMENDING that you drink 25 cups a day… but… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ANYWAY!

=This Week in Treasure… This old chess piece was in their junk drawer forever… then they found out that the thing might make them millionaires!
-owners didn't realize the chess piece was a long-lost treasure chess piece
-going to be auctioned off July 2 (expected to get in the millions)
-made of walrus tusk

=This Week in Doorbell Anxiety… it got trending on twitter about how nowadays we text instead of using the doorbell… not sure how it goes at your house but for us if the doorbell rings we assume it's someone we don't know… then there's a standoff over who'll answer the door… and my kids take off faster than roaches-when-the-light-comes-on.

=This Week in Bacon… how about bacon smores?!

=It's Best Friends Day… seems like a day chock full of emotional baggage and stunning disappointment… or is it just me?

=This Week in Cat Videos…
Every time this lady begins singing she is attacked by her cat... but cats are like teenagers: when you find something that annoys them you must double down! So... just keep singing, just keep singing, just... keep... singing!♪