Saturday Shenanigans June 1 2019. Ten Solid Stories from the Week #DadJokes #Bacon

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1) World Record Balloon Popping Session… The other day a guy busted 200 balloons in under 15 seconds to get a Guinness World Record… if you want to try it but don't want to watch the video, here's the technique: attach the balloons to a long wall and run down the line with a sharp nail.
Scotty note: Seems like a lot of running :(
Youtube video...

2) The other day was National Hamburger Day… The number one food we add to burgers is cheese… then it's lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles… some weirder foods that made the list… Broccoli and Cheddar… Jalapeño Cheetos… Peanut Butter… Nutella.. Funnel Cake… Mac and Cheese… Sunny Side-Up Egg.

3) This guy who stopped a truck was pretty impressive… the truck was going down the road with nobody in it and a guy jumps in and stops it… Scotty note: seems like an awful lot of running :(

4) This lady who was eavesdropping on her neighbors leaned in real close to hear all the juicy gossip and she got her head stuck in the nieghbors' gate. They had to call the fire department and a quick five hours (and several pictures) later the lady was unstuck.
The lesson here is get your skinny-head friend to do all the eavesdropping for you.

5) World’s first albino panda sighting in China

6) The Bachlorette… Oh Cam you rascal!

7) 35 year old yoga teacher Amanda Eller survived 17 days after getting lost in a Hawaiian jungle… she was just going to go on a 3 mile jog and didn't bring her cell phone… she ended up breaking her leg and becoming stranded/ lost for over 2 weeks! Hers is an amazing story of survival!
BTW, today is National Trails Day so if you're going on a hike please remember to be safe!

8) Guy in Florida uses alligator as can opener, Flintstones style...

9) this week in Dad Jokes… I really enjoy my job as a claymation model designer… I make six figures a year

10) This Week in Bacon: