Saturday June 29: Canada Day Weekend Spectacular

We're playing the game "Make a Movie (or TV show) Canadian". Examples...

The Green Kilometer

World War Zed

The Bryan Addams Family

Fifty Shades of Eh

Little House on  the Tundra

Tim Hortons Hears A Who

Back To The Future Shop

Really Frozen

Se7en (Se7en thirty in Newfoundland)

Days Of April Wine And Roses

The Incredibly Polite Hulk

Sisterhood of the Traveling Snowpants

Cloudy with a chance of poutine

Air Force One: seriously we have one plane

10 Things I respectfully Disagree with about You

Dial M For Manitoba

The Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

The Regina Monologues

One Flew Over The Coo Loo Coo Coo, Coo Coo Coo Coo Nest

The Talented Mr. Dressup

"Speed" Canadian version: A bus full of passengers and Keanu Reeves for 90 minutes. No bomb threat. No bomb.

Captain America: Civil War (2016) Box office: $1.15 billion becomes... Captain North America: Civil

Iron Man 3 (2013) Box office: $1.21 billion becomes... I Ron James: Live at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Incredibles 2 (2018) Box office: $1.24 billion becomes: Edibles 2: Legal in Canada

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Box office: $1.26 billion becomes... Borje and the Leafs

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) Box office: $1.31 billion becomes... Jurassic Curling: the Alberta Cashspiel that Changed the Game Forever

Titanic (1997) Box office: $2.19 billion becomes... the Edmund Fitzgerald

Avatar (2009) Box office: $2.79 billion becomes... Have a Bar: The Coffee Crisp's Rise to Candy Domination.

Harold and Kumar Go to Tim Hortons

There's something about Anne Murray

Fifty Shades of Eh

Some TV Show ones...

Ketchup CHiPS

Breaking Plaid

Labatt Blue Bloods

Montreal In The Family

Game Of Throne Speech

Leave it to an actual beaver