Saturday Shenanigans: Break a World Record for Easter Weekend 2019!

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>This Week in World Records... a 16 year old in New Zealand just set a World Record going into his Easter break... the record for longest swinging session on a playground swing... so if you want to break that record get yourself a pillow to sit on, a pair of work gloves, and do a little more than 33 hours of swinging... (BTW, if you're looking for tips on breaking this record DO NOT GOOGLE 'Tips for Swingers'!) Charlie started swinging early Wednesday morning and finally stopped late Thursday afternoon... so all day Wednesday, all night, most of Thursday...  Here's Video...

>World Records you could break this Easter Season...
-most Instagram likes of an egg (57 million-ish)
-biggest batch of scrambled eggs (more than 5000 pounds)
-most people to pass an egg around (353 people passed an egg using spoons)
-Most Plastic Eggs in One Hand 
-Egg Chin-ups
-Fastest Time To Crack 5 Eggs 
-Balance an egg on your forehead for 24 minutes
-Most Boiled Eggs Eaten In Thirty Minutes 
-Most eggs eaten while watching Egg Scene from Cool Hand Luke

>Easter Trivia... in the Netherlands they make rooster shaped bread at Eastertime... (via) look at that rooster bread! #roosteriffic

At our house it's less baking rooster bread and more eating chocolate like it's the end of the world...

>Easter Trivia... at Eastertime in Finland kids dress up and go door-to-door for treats... like Halloween... seems like a lot of work... (via)

>This Week in Bacon... ways to Bacon Up your Easter... look at those bacon Easter baskets!!

>The reason we celebrate Easter... if you aren't a church person and you've ever wondered about Easter here it is in a 5-minute cartoon...