Saturday Shenanigans Apr 27 2019 "Write as good as Steve Hemingway!" #TellAStoryDay

-This Week in Simpsons Politics... Canadian radio guy will portray PM Trudeau on The Simpsons Sunday… we should pay close attention because the show has an uncanny ability to predict the future

-Giant Foam Heroes... today we tip our Giant Foam Cowboy Hats and salute you folks working in the  veterinary field... today is World Veterinary Day... thanks for taking good care of our extended family members… yes, even the rats.

-This Week in Bacon... bacon vending machine wins award. Well, duhhh.

-This Week in Robots… Tesla Robot Cars by 2020… robots enslave humanity by 2021

-Tell a Story Day… this site makes it easy to write like Hemingway! (Steve Hemingway from my Grade 12 homeroom. He was pretty good.)

-This Week in Dad Jokes...
"Stopped by a roadside stand that said lobster tails $2. I paid my $2 and he said... Once upon a time there was this lobster..."