Luke Bryan Concert Update: VIDEO FINALLY... City Transportation Plan! Show is Sat Aug 10 2019 at Magnetic Hill

a little bit of video from the show...

^unsanctioned, unofficial, uncalled for photo^

*Update: Transportation Plan from City...
The one we've all been waiting for was the shuttle service... Park-N-Ride will leave from the Coliseum Parking Lot (377 Killam)... shuttle drop off will be at the concert site entrance then you'll walk to GATE 1... pick-up after the concert - if you have your Park-N-Ride bracelet -  will happen at the entrance to Magnetic Hill on Mountain Road. The road will be closed to thru traffic and RCMP will be on hand. Buy your bracelet on Saturday at the Park’N’Ride booth in the Coliseum parking lot… it’s $15 (cash only).First shuttle leaves at noon, last bus to the show goes at 8:30p .

*Parking Note: Onsite parking is $20 per vehicle... first come, first serve... accessed from Mountain Road... opens at 10a on Saturday.

*Traffic Notes: Starting at 3p on concert day traffic on Front Mountain Road will change to one way only heading west from Gorge Road. No parking on Front Mountain Road and Gorge Road.

**At 10p on concert night you cannot drive northbound on Mountain Road from the intersection of Casino Drive to the Magnetic Hill entrance. Also no going North on Gorge Road from King's Bridge Blvd onward (just past Crandall University).
So basically at some point certain traffic only flows towards the concert then after the show certain traffic only flows away from the concert.

*Update: Here's the lineup
2:00p Gates open
3:00p Sons of Daughters
4:15p Jessica Mitchell
5:45p Jon Langston
7:15p Kelsea Ballerini
9:00p Luke Bryan

*End of Updates*
-Who: Luke Bryan (the Luker), Kelsea Ballerini, Sons of Daughters, and maybe more (to-be-named)
-What: Sunset Repeat Tour
-Where: Magnetic Hill Concert Site
-When: Sat Aug 10 (gates open at 2p and concert wraps up at 11p)
=Tickets start at $90-ish online HERE or at the gate the day of the show. *Note: don't buy them on Kijiji unless you know the person you're buying from and are able to hunt them down if you ticket turns out to be invalid.
=Parking Onsite is $20 per vehicle. No complimentary parking. All parking is first come, first serve. Parking opens at 10:00a on day of show.
=On-site camping is from $500-ish to $1200-ish (buy that HERE)
=Shuttle info... the website says that shuttles will be available but the link doesn't work for us BUT Crandall University has a park and ride offer... and now the City does too... city shuttle is cash only!

=You'll be able to pay with credit/debit cards (but it's always good to have a lil cash on you)
=Backpacks are allowed but they'll be searched. Don't bring umbrellas, illegal stuff, food/drink *you can bring in ONE SEALED BOTTLE OF WATER 1L OR SMALLER* a bunch of other forbidden things listed HERE. *Note: if you bring in a Frisbee you'll be thrown into Frisbee Jail© so don't do it. #FrisbeeRegret
=You can bring in a standard sized lawn-chair-in-a-bag
=If you need Accessibility info CLICK HERE

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