Saturday Shenanigans March 9 2019 #TimeChange #TimeTravel

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It's Time Change Weekend! Spring ahead and prepare to be cranky on Sunday!!
Spring Ahead Weekend is like Time Travel (until we get actual Time Travel... get on this, Science...)
We've had a chance to talk to Junior Scientists at Science Fairs and really get them focused on inventing Time Travel through our Time Travel Scholarship offer...
We are still offering a $5 Cash Award to the first junior scientist to invent a Time Travel device so we can make a billion dollars betting on the 1986 Stanley Cup Finals.
On Time Travel: "Science has promised us TIME TRAVEL numerous times.
Sure, it might be a dystopia with ape-bosses, but at least we'll have loincloths and wigs."

Time Change Handy Links...

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How to change the time on your VCR

how to change the batteries in your smoke detector

Time Cop starring Jean Claude Van Damme

>This Week in Bacon

>This Week in Dad Jokes
Just spent 8 hours linking all my watches together to make a belt... It was a waist of time.