Saturday Shenanigans Feb 16 2019 #FamilyDay Fun for Everyone or maybe no one

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Scotty and Tony's Guide to Excellent Family Day Fun

>Snowball Fight... These can be fun and can also be a wonderful way to exact revenge on one or more of your children... Note: if you have grownup children, go to where they work for a hilarious snowball ambush*
*Unless they're a bomb-defuser

>Prepare a meal together... once your kids know how to make tacos you are half way to bossing them around in your very own Food Truck.

>Family Day for non families...
Question: "Hey guys, I ain't got no family. How should I celebrate?"
Answer: First just double-check that you have no family. This can be as easy as remembering your past, getting a DNA test, or filing a Freedom of Information request.
If you are really family-less you can: enjoy your solitude including sole ownership of the TV remote, get any table you want at a restaurant, hang out with friends, or create a puppet-twin to live with.

HERE are a bunch of things to do for kids of all ages.

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