What's Trending Wed Jan 2 2019

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>Weather... Cold wind chills... winds from the North... Storm Links CLICK HERE...

>The Times and Transcript has a story about trying to get a parking spot if you work at the hospital... almost 1500 people who work at Moncton Hospital are on a waiting list that's 14 years long... can you imagine getting a job at the hospital, then asking about parking and they're like "We'll put you on the waiting list... it shouldn't be much longer than 14 years..." 

>First baby of 2019 in NB was born at 12:26a New Year's Day... congratulations to the proud parents of baby Lil Baby Mé​lina who was born at Campbellton Regional Hospital... Nice to have some good babynews© after the baby stats came out a couple days ago... lot less babies were born in the province last year

>RCMP looking for two missing 14 year old girls... Serenity Rayne Brown and Lindsay Chyanne Steeve... The girls were last seen Dec 30 close to supper time on Augusta Terrace in Moncton... Serenity is 5' 5"... 100 pounds... green eyes and long blue hair... Lindsay is 5' 3"... 136 pounds... blue eyes and long red hair... If you have info please get in touch with RCMP (506-857-2400)

-All the major league sports scores here (http://www.flashscore.ca/)

-Q League Hockey... Wildcats play Thursday at 7p at Avenir Centre versus Saint John Flea Dogs©... Downtown Parking info and more Wildcats stuff HERE

-World Junior Hockey Championships... Russia beat Canada 2 to 1 on NYE... Canada plays Finland at 7:30 our time tonight in the quarter finals (TSN)...

-Basketball... Moncton Magic won on NYE and play again Thursday at the London Lightning

-HighSchoolHockey #Boys (http://www.easternconferencehockey.com/)

-HighSchoolHockey #Ladies

-AAAMidgetHockey (http://monctonflyers.ca/

-National Ringette League (http://www.nationalringetteleague.ca/stats/schedule.php?view=day&language=en)
*also this blog post: https://www.scottyandtony.com/2018/09/national-ringette-league-sched-and.html

>More stories to follow...

-Polar Bear Dips recap HERE

-Atlantic Lotto Winning Numbers: (https://www.alc.ca/content/alc/en/winning-numbers.html)

-The top stories of 2018 (via CBC)

-Christmas Tree Disposal Info...
The family Christmas tree... it was the centerpiece of your holiday... think of the wonderful Christmas memories you made in front of that glorious tree... standing stately in your livingroom... shining brightly for your whole family to enjoy...
now it's time to throw it away alongside your banana peels and empty Ganong Delecto boxes. Here's the scoop on Christmas Tree Tree Disposal...
*RIVERVIEW Christmas tree pickup is on your regular trash day the week of January 7th 2019. The Town issued a reminder that your  tree needs to be un-decorated... So before you toss your tree out "ornaments and all" because you just don't care... Please consider the rules of Christmas Tree Engagement©.
*MONCTON... Until January 18, 2019 you can drop off your Christmas Bush© at:
Kay Arena parking lot, Ball Field off Crowley Farm Rd, Former Dud James Arena parking lot, Moncton Coliseum parking lot, Mapleton Park parking lot (Gorge Road entrance), Moncton Wesleyan parking lot, Eco360 (info: 506-877-1040 or eco360.ca), Or put your tree out on your Trash Night on the week of January 7-11 & week of January 14-18 (info: 506-859-2643)
*DIEPPE Christmas tree* pickup is on your trash night Tues, Jan 8 2019, Wed Jan 9 2019, or Fri Jan 11 2019
*real trees, not those plastic monstrosities, un-decorate them first