Saturday Shenanigans Jan 26 2019

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>Thanks for helping out Moncton Hospital and our Friends of the Moncton Hospital Radiothon yesterday! We raised $70,000 because of your donations!

>This Week in Science... On this day... Isaac Newton... did something smart. end of article. 

>Canada's New Food Guide... Details HERE

>Happy Birthday to the Electric Dental Drill... yay? In honor of that anniversary here's a Certified Dad Joke™ ...What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y.

>This Week in Bacon... Brexit Bacon Bombsell

>Happy Australia Day... sorry if we've offended you... Crikey, we dint mean ta! Dingo... Dundee... Bawwwwbeeeeee... (please help, we're outta control.)

>Monday check our blog for the latest Chia Pet Monday update... we hope Chia Bob will have a glorious head of hair like Bob Ross...

>ICYMI: Blue Monday was last week when we were getting all that bad weather... CLICK HERE for resources and ways to get help for anxiety, depression, or any mental health issues