HELP SALVATION ARMY TO HELP PEOPLE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON 2018 #SalvationArmy #Kettle #PersonalKettleInfo #Swole #Nickels

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If you see a Salvation Army Kettle around town and you can throw a couple bucks in, your donation will help families around here... or donate online HERE... You can also help out the Salvation Army by hosting an Online Kettle! It works like this: 1) Sign up HERE, 2) Share your Online Kettle with your millions of followers, 3) Collect donations online & help families this Christmas... 
^Your Kettle Experience May Vary

Tony hosted the Kettle Kick-off Concert on Saturday in Riverview... 

Again this year we are pitching this genius idea... this "Hosting Your Own Kettle" online deal should be expanded to REAL LIFE!!
You get a kettle on a chain... wear it EVERYWHERE until Christmas... and collect $$ for folks in need. (And bonus: as your Neck Kettle© fills up with nickels, it's gonna be a terrific workout... imagine how swole your neck muscles will be!!!)
Here's an artist rendering of what we're talking about...
If you'd like to register to receive gifts from Toys for Kids program call 506-389-9901