Vaudeville play cancelled for Fri* DESSERT and Vaudeville Play Nov 14,15,16,17 2018

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*Friday note:
Storm Watch: "Due to the weather conditions tonight's presentation of Lutz Mountain does Vaudeville at the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum has been CANCELLED. Please note that if you have purchased tickets for tonight's performance your purchase price will be refunded or your tickets will be alternatively be honored at tomorrow's 2:00 PM Matinee. Sorry for the inconvenience."*

WHAT: Dessert Theatre!
WHERE: Lutz Mountain Museum (3143 Mountain Rd)
WHEN:  Wed-Sat... Nov 14,15,16 at 7:00p & Nov 17 at 2:00p
MORE: Tickets are $20.00 at Wheaton's on Mountain Rd or at the Museum (506-384-7719)
You get a beauty Vaudeville show AND you also get delicious DESSERT!