TECH TREK 2018 OCT 20 *Update video* at Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre

Some video we shot...

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>TECH TREK is a free, hands-on Science & Tech Fair for kids & families at Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre (331 Acadie Ave) on Saturday (Oct 20) from 9:00a to 12:00p.
Once again we have this sternly worded letter to all you Junior Scientists who will be at Tech Trek...
Dear Junior Scientists,
It's time to focus your Super Science Brains on Self-Driving Shopping Carts that remove lollygaggers from the cereal aisle so that a person can get at the Mini Wheats in a timely fashion... get that done... then jet packs... then cure all disease... then invent Marshmallow Fluff that is 50% fluffier.
^It's a legit problem people

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