Comic Julien Dionne & Friends at Capitol Theatre on Fri Oct 26 *Update: Transcript*

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Scotty & Tony note: we are trapped in meetings... Julien interview coming soon... this space for rent...
Due to technical issues the audio clip of our interview is not available but here is the transcript...
S&T: Hey man, where do you come up with your ideas?
JD: Sometimes they just pop into my brain... sometimes I order through Amazon... the local market also. 
S&T: Hey man, who are your influences?
JD: Oh, you know, like Pythagoras and Milton Berle.
S&T: When do you think you'll be at your funniest on Friday?
JD: I would say any time after 8:12p will be fairly safe comedy-wise.
S&T: If you were a flower, what type of flower would you be?
JD: Hey guys, great question... let's see... that's a toughie! I guess I'll go with Bat Face Cuphea. Again, really great question.
S&T: Thanks so much for being here Julien!
JD: Thanks Scotty and Tony. I really respect what you're trying to do with your show and in life. If more people wore giant foam cowboy hats, I feel like there'd be less injustice in the world.