Help Atlantic Wellness Centre Give Free Counselling to Young People #MentalHealthWellness #AtlantricWellness

Atlantic Wellness Community Centre (at 225 Lutz Street) gives FREE counselling to young people (age 12-21) going through mental health issues. Your donations make this possible. It's that simple- donations help them to help young people and the world becomes a better place.

Ways to Help Atlantic Wellness Centre:
-Donate Online HERE
-Attend their fundraising events (and share on social media)
-Other ideas include Hosting a Raffle or Chase the Ace at work, donating something to them from your business, or hacking into the Swiss banking system and do a white collar bank heist* *citation needed*

Note: if you know a young person who needs help from Atlantic Wellness Centre CLICK HERE.

Here are the details about their new Monday Clinic that's been in the news...