April 19 is National High Five Day.
ACCORDING TO WIKIHOW, the steps to a good High Five Experience are:
1) find someone who wants to High Five with you... they say you can't High Five yourself but we beg to differ...
Self Five (file photo)

2) stand up straight with feet firmly planted for maximum power
3) smile (science shows that smiling through a High Fivication increases the likliehood of a pleasing experience)
4) wind up (get your hands back or you just don't get any power)
5) forward momentum (pro tip: look at the other person's elbow, this helps you line up your High Five correctly)
6) contact (try to get a good snap noise, but if it doesn't happen just make the "CHSSSSSSSSSSSS) noise
7) (optional) celebrate after contact by raising your hand in the air and saying "Woooooo!" or other

BTW, the High Five was probably invented on the baseball field by a couple of LA Dodgers in the late 1970s