VALENTINES DAY 2018 #Love #DrLove #LovingForLovers #HandsomePaul #Bachelor #WaysToPropose #Romance #ProfessionalLoveAdvice

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1) If you're going to the Sweetheart Game tonight at the Coliseum, please consider giving Handsome Paul a rose like they do on the Bachlorette. The guy needs a win. Thanks in advance. #Love

2) Remember there are a few ways to propose on this Day of Love© such as:
$3000 Engagement Burger

Other ways to propose marriage on Valentines Day are:
-put the engagement ring inside a bottle of tequila
-put the ring inside a vegetarian meatball
-place ring in a bee hive* (*assumes your sig other is a beekeeper)
-fasten ring on drone, land drone on sig other's windshield while they are driving down the highway (*practice with less expensive ring first)
-pretend you got your nose pierced. upon closer inspection your sig other realizes that it's an engagement ring stuck up there. #swoon

3) We spared no expense on the Morning Show and hired relationship expert Dr Fabien Love to offer up some Valentines Day advice...