S&T's Guide to Small-Talking the OSCARS #AcademyAwards #Nominations #ShapeOfWater #AcademyAwards #Hollywood #Oscars #WonderWomenSnub

Usually the Academy Awards involve a bunch of movies we haven't seen and a bunch of people who are just happy to be nominated for acting in those movies we haven't seen.
The Oscar nominations are an excellent opportunity for you to make small talk, even if you don't know what you're talking about! (S&T note: Talking about stuff you don't know anything about? That's our stock in trade right there!)

Here are some bullet points from Scotty & Tony's Guide to Oscar Small-Talk:

>Christopher Plummer nominated after Kevin Spacey is cut out of "All the Money in the World"
("I'm happy for Plummer... always thought he could've licensed his name out to a plumbing chain..."

>Academy Award Snubs ("I can't believe that *name of movie or actor* got snubbed by the Academy like that!" ...
-Wonder Woman didn't get nominated for Best Picture!?
-No Best Director nom for Spielberg?!
-No Tom Hanks Best Actor Nom!?
-James Franco won the Golden Globe, doesn't even get nominated at Oscars?!
-and Disaster Artist isn't considered for Best Picture?!
-Florida Project only gets one nom!? (Supporting Actor for Willem Dafoe)
-The Boss Baby gets a nom but NOT LEGO BATMAN?! #Outrage
(or... #BossBabyDIDmakeHalfABillion)
>Remember last year they announced that La La Land won Best Picture when really Moonlight won?
("I hope those buffoons at the Academy don't pull a La La Land/ Moonlight debacle again- am I right?!")

>On Jimmy Kimmel hosting again this year...
("Jimmy does a good job- I love it when he does that thing where he makes fun of Hollywood stereotypes!")

Here are the Top Noms...