*2018 Predictions are presented for entertainment purposes only... although we're 100% positive that every one of these will happen...

1) Winter Olympics: The International Olympic Committee banned the country of Russia. I predict that Russia will show up anyway...win all of the medals...and nobody will care because they brought a bunch of vodka. (Tony)

2) Handsome Paul will go bald and become the spokesmodel for 'Saucy Jim's Wigs for Him' (Scotty)

3) Causeway Bridge Project: The town of Riverview will test out a tightrope system for crossing the Petitcodiac...this will involve giving all residents tightrope walking lessons and free helmets and lifejackets. Those are just in case you fall in the Petty on the way over. This segment of the prediction special is brought to you by "Scotty & Tony's River Rescue Business"...our slogan is "we'll save your life when you fall off the tightrope and drop into the river." (Tony)

4) Shilo B will having a falling out with his friend Dean Brody after a drunken argument about the song "Beautiful Freakshow". Shilo will call the song a "freaky freakfest that should've never been recorded." Dean will cry. (Scotty)

5) Legal Weed: The province will launch their legal marijuana business with the introduction of their new mascot "dopey"...then they'll get sued by Disney. Because: Dwarf names. (Tony)

6) Handsome Paul will get deported back to England in the Summer of 2018 after becoming a soccer hooligan at several minor soccer games at the sports dome fields. He will continue to do his Radio Show using a landline telephone and a drone with a stick glued to it. (Scotty)

7) Shediac Lobster Festival: Makes world headlines when, because of a mix up in a direct mail campaign, all of the lobsters in the Northumberland Straight crawl out of the water and converge on the festival grounds trapping thousands of people in an event that will become known as "who's wearing the bib NOW, fleshy and delicious ground walkers?" (Tony)

8) After seeing photos on our website featuring Shilo in the elf suit, producers will cast him in the 2018 live action release "Elf on the Shelf: the Movie." He will end up playing the shelf, not the elf. (Scotty)

9) Moncton's Downtown Centre: Set to officially open in September but we're predicting a delay...after Moncton city council votes themselves another raise and can't afford to put an ice surface in for hockey season. (Tony)

10) In cryptocurrency news... Bitcoin will be replaced by $#%&coin... $#%&coin will be the hottest cryptocurrency of 2018... but I just realized that I can't say $#%&coin on the radio... even though it rhymes with Bitcoin... we will have to bleep it out. (Scotty)

11) Parlee Beach: The provincial tourism launches a strategy of providing everybody who goes to Parlee Beach with miniature submarines called poopy putt putts which proves tremendously popular and the park opens to record attendance...but then goes terribly wrong when people keep stealing them as souvenirs and the tourism dept. goes bankrupt halfway through July... (Tony)

12) Moncton City Council will vote to pave Jones Lake to provide spillover parking for the Downtown Event Centre. The Dragon Boat Race will be moved to the Northumberland Strait. (Scotty)

13) Election: In a surprise upset...A giant rat from the Evergreen neighborhood wins the Moncton Northwest riding from our friend and former co-worker Ernie Steeves. Then...on the first day of the new legislature...the Rat MLA eats the Premier and 11 other members of the legislature and declares himself our rat overlord. #RatDictatorship #RatBoss (Tony)

14) In the Summer of 2018 there will be a Monkey Uprising© at Magnetic Hill Zoo. Moncton North West MLA Ernie Steeves will be sent in to negotiate. The monkeys will be given the entire North end of the City, which will become known as Monkey Town. Also, the monkeys will take our radio jobs... and a few other jobs... because they just do it better. (Scotty)

15) Cavendish 2018: Shilo will meet Luke Bryan at this year's festival...during the meeting someone from Luke's management team will notice that Shilo has the exact same rear end as Luke! They'll hire Shilo to be Luke's butt double and then...fame and fortune! (Tony)

16) Celebrity Quick Hit Predictions for 2018: Chris Stapleton will visit Moncton. The City will honor him by changing the name of Mapleton Road to Stapleton Road. Florida Georgia Line will release their own brand of Merlot called Florida Georgia Wine. Blake Shelton will tour with Elton John in 2018 in a tour called Elton & Shelton. Thomas Rhett will open a bakery called Rhett's Baguettes. (Scotty)