*UPDATE* WINNERS FROM MONCTON SANTA CLAUS PARADE 2017 #Santa #Parade SantaClaus #IKnowHim #Christmas #Floats #Info


The Moncton Santa Claus Parade is Saturday (25 Nov) starting at 5:00p at Cameron St... and follows Main St, ending at Paul St in Dieppe. It's the same route as last year...

>The Tim Hortons Food Drive Float leads the parade. Please bring a food donation to the parade if you can- thanks! #feedthehungry

>Canada Post will be collecting your Letters To Santa. *Protip: slipping a five dollar bill in the envelope can't hurt if you've been naughty all year.

>As Santa passes by on Saturday remember to make eye contact and project confidence- it'll help get you on the Nice List©. Try not to cry and/ or pout.

>Street Closures: (no info from City yet- this is from last year)
-No parking on Main St all day Saturday (25 Nov)
-1:00p, Vaughan Harvey closed from John St to Vaughan Harvey Sobeys entrance
-4:45p, Main St closed from Vaughan Harvey to Paul St in Dieppe
Here's the graphic from last year...

>Parking Downtown:
Usually there is some Free Parking in City Lots downtown (not right on Main St- there's only reindeer parking on Main for parade day.) PLEASE WATCH THE SIGNS- IF YOU PARK IN A PRIVATE LOT YOUR VEHICLE MIGHT GET BOOTED! Watch for the YELLOW Parking Signs that look kinda like softballs.

>One year we broke a record for the mountain of coffee cups that got left behind after the parade... thanks for remembering to take your trash with you when you leave. Although... that giant mountain of coffee cups is pretty intense to look at... *artist rendering

>Thanks to some friends who helped us out with our float... "For all your float needs, Lloyds of Moncton, Quality Concrete, the Trailer Store and Toys For Big Boys."

>Our Float this year was going to feature a live bear and gingerbread, but with the milder temperature in the forecast, we've decided to go full Baywatch Theme!!! Here's a photo from dress rehearsal...

We are bringing back our float schematic from a few years ago... we don't have much time but are hoping to throw together our Gingerbread/ Live Bear Float this year...
>Family Fun Activities...