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#Weather (after the rain it gets cold this afternoon!!)

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Elmwood Drive will be closed again today between McLaughlin and Morton if weather permits.

Tomorrow's Remembrance Day services include the ceremony at the Coliseum tomorrow at 10:00a, the Sunny Brae Legion Remembrance Day Parade starting around 10a, Service at Anna-Malenfant School in Dieppe starting at 10:30a, and Service at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Riverview starting at 10:50a.
We have a list of others, and a link to find your nearest War memorial... also info on donating blood (Canadian Blood System began during WWII) CLICK HERE

Moncton City Council Budget Talks continue today... they say that our tax rate won't be going up... water rates are going up though... so the average household will pay $27 more year.
Deliberations will continue Friday. Budget is supposed to be approved December 18 (just in time for Christmas!?)

It sounds like this budget business at Moncton Council gets stressful.... Shane Magee in the Times and Transcript has a story about Councillors asking questions, then other councillors saying like 'People who weren't here when we covered that shouldn't ask questions- show up to the meeting next time.' (not direct quotes)
*Editorial: It sounds like it's practically a WWE Cage Match in there... we're always looking for younger people to get interested in municipal politics... maybe this wrestling angle will attract some new people??
The article has a list of who missed what over the last 100 meetings or so...

Basically Moncton City Council is trying to not raise our tax rate... but the City is getting less money from the Province because the Province has put a freeze on tax assessments (that means less money for the City)... sooooo.... Moncton Council is trying to save money wherever it can... like by not using as much pavement to fill potholes...

#MonctonWildcats #QMJHL #Hockey
The Moncton Wildcats play the Sherbrooke Phoenix tonight at 7:00 at the Coliseum.
It's Moncton High vs Tantramar Regional for the High School Football Provincial Championship on Saturday at 2:00p at Mount A in Sackville.

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Good luck to teams playing in The Moncton High School Tip-Off Tournament happening today through Sunday. It's a big one- 5 teams from NB & 5 teams from NS.
Most games are at MHS, a few at Trimble too. (Finals are Sunday at 3:00p at MHS,
CLICK HERE for the schedule.

Minnesota 3 Montreal 0

Toronto 122 New Orleans 118

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Note from Province re Liquor Store Hours on Saturday: "FREDERICTON (GNB) – NB Liquor advises customers that all of its corporate stores will be closed on Saturday, Nov. 11, in observance of Remembrance Day... outlets may be open."