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*UPDATE Junk Day moved to Sunday*
Dieppe has a deal where your JUNK becomes someone else's JUNK TREASURE on Saturday, April 29 from 8a-6p. (If it rains, Junk Treasure day will be Sunday the 30th)

How it works:
If you have junk that someone else might want, put it at your curb on the 29th between 8a and 6p. (Any unclaimed stuff has to be removed from your curbside after 6p.)
They'll even give you a sign to advertise your junk (dieppe.ca).

You're not allowed to put hazardous things at the curb... also, they are oddly specific about other stuff you're not allowed to put at the curb on this day... no paint, no construction materials, and no bedbug-infested stuff... wait, what?
*Editorial: That's how they worded it: 'No bed bug infested items like mattresses and bedding.'
We're guessing that they had to issue the anti-bedbug-infested items rule because someone hauled their bedbug-infested futon mattress out to the curb, slapped a "Free to a good home" sign on it, and someone scooped that thing up and put it in their guest bedroom.
There was probably a ton of free blankets and sheets that came with it too... under the box marked "Medical Waste!"
We said NOT to do this!

More info link HERE