Ottawa Blues Fest has announced a whole bunch of fantastic blues acts for their show in July...
(just kidding, there's hardly any blues acts)

We decided to write a blues song for one of the headliners, Country music legend Toby Keith!!
Even though he's one of the richest Country music stars of all time because of his smart investments, he still gets the blues...

Toby Keith's Blues by Scotty & Tony©

I got the blues, I got them blues
From my $900 hat down to my 1200 dollar shoes,
Sometimes I wake up in my mansion and I'm confused,
Am i at my house in Naples,
Or Santa cruise?
I got the Toby Keith Blues

Have you ever flown to Colorado cause you wanted a steak,
And the maƮtre d at the restaurant says there's a 5 minute wait,
And when your steak comes, it's not awesome, just great,
I had  wait for my steak and it was just barely great?
Oh baby I got the Toby Keith Blues,

Have you ever taken a bath in tub full of money from you Starbucks franchise,
And your money from your other businesses gets jealous, and it won't look you in the eyes,
And you mentioned Sara Lee in an interview, so they send over 12000 pies,
And your solid gold belt buckle doesn't quite match your platinum bolo ties,
That's when you get the Toby Keith Blues.