Fredericton SPCA confirmed the passing of Tiny the cat on Friday.
Tiny was the cat that made news because when the SPCA got him he weighed 30 pounds. He was a very fat cat.
But Tiny worked on it and got down to a size 36 jeans (38 slacks) and really helped to publicize the issue of kitty obesity in the province.
Tiny's Medical Fund will now help other kitties... Maybe even some dogs... That's the way Tiny wanted it.
Tiny, this one's for you:

Goodbye Tiny the cat,
Though I never knew you at all,
I saw you on the TV screen,
You weighed like 30 pounds,

I remember thinking, "My Lord,
That is one fat cat" and I bet you'd think of me as a big fat human man,
But anyways I'm glad you slimmed it down,

And it seems to me you lived your life like a fat ol' cat would do,
You ate any damn thing they put  in front of you ,
I would've like to have known you when you were thirty pounds,
When mice would just make fun of you,
Cause you were too fat to chase 'em down.