***UPDATE Wed Apr 26***
CBC's The National featured #RebeccaToldMeTo last night... (Direct Link HERE)

Also News: Becca is writing a book and donating the money to charity (Her Facebook Post HERE)
"So it's time for me to make another post, and this is one I'm pretty excited for! We're working on an E-book that will be released on Amazon later in May! It will be a collection of Acts of Kindness that were completed and posted in the 10 weeks following my original request for kindness. Dad is writing the foreword and I'm writing the afterword.
It will be selling for $5.99 on Amazon, but we need to help the Humanity Project now, so if you donate $10 to the Humanity Project by midnight on Friday,April 28th, you can download the book for free for a two-day period before they officially go on sale in May. " (MORE)

***End of UPDATE***
Rebecca Schofield is a courageous Riverview teen who is choosing to make the world a better place as she battles terminal cancer. Do a good deed, Spread the Word with the Hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo

*The GoFundMe that was set up for Rebecca...

*Monday (24 Apr 2017) Rebecca was at Riverview Fire Hall where Captain Glenn Miller presented her with an Emerging Leader Award from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

*There was a piece about Rebecca and #BeccaToldMeTo on CBC's The National Tuesday (April 25) Here's that clip...

*UNTIL APRIL 30th You can vote for Rebecca in the Post Cereal Search for Goodness HERE

*If you missed the piece about Rebecca from the Today Show CLICK HERE
*CLICK HERE for the CNN story
*US Magazine HERE