Christmas Trash Pickup Info, Xmas tree disposal

We look forward to a Christmas Season when Cats on Fire-Breathing Unicorns will take away our Holiday Trash & Xmas Trees. Until then, we have to keep taking out the trash like chumps. Trash & Tree info below...
Where are we on this, Genetic Science?


No Garbage Pickup on Christmas Day or New Year's Day. 
-Garbage that's usually picked up on Thursday will be collected on Saturday over the holidays.
(Saturday, Dec. 27, Saturday, Jan. 3)

-Christmas trees pickup is during the week of January 5-11. The Town of Riverview reminds you that your garbage tree should be as free of ornaments and tinsel as possible, and not in plastic bags.
(yes, that's right, they have to remind people to undecorate the tree before chucking it out- so somebody must've tried to throw out a decorated tree before... please fight the temptation to throw out a fully-decorated tree.)

No Garbage Pickup on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year's Day. 
-If your Garbage Day falls on December 25 and January 1, put out your trash by 11p on Friday, January 2. 
-If your Garbage Day would be December 26, put out your trash by 11p on Thurs, January 1. 

-From December 27 to January 9, 2015, you can drop off your Christmas Bush© at:
1) Crossman Community Centre-Kay Arena
2) Ball Field off Crowley Farm Road
3) Former Dud James Arena (Limerick Street)
4) Moncton Coliseum
5) Mapleton Park (Gorge Road entrance)
6) Moncton Wesleyan Church (St. George Blvd.)
7) Fairview Knoll Playground
8) SERecycle (Berry Mills Road) (Info: 877-1040)
9) Or put your tree out on your Trash Night on the week of January 5 - 9 (*only that week*)

There are NO changes to Garbage Pickup during the Holiday Season 2014-2015!

-Tuesday, January 6, 2015
-Wednesday, January 7, 2015
-Friday, January 9, 2015