School Announcements with PrinciPALS Scotty & Tony

-Picture Re-takes at Queen Elizabeth School

-It's speech day for the Middle School Elections at Riverview East School today...Do we have any tips for the candidates? Yes, yes we do... 
"Start with a joke. Maybe something ethnic?" 
"Highlight key points with lots of swearing."
"If you're losing their attention, start throwing cookies into the crowd." 
"Tape sponges to your armpits to stop nervous perspiration."
*Patent Pending*

-Harrison Trimble High School Cardboard Arcade at Lunch Time (wait, what if the sprinklers go off? we hope they have that cardboard weather-proofed)
Ms. Black & Mr. Allen’s Entrepreneurship 110 classes are hosting Harrison Trimble High School’s second annual Cardboard Arcade. The students have been working hard for the past two weeks to create games-of-skill like Plinko, Fling a Rat, Trimble Talent Toss and many more! Students may buy tickets to play for 25 cents. All proceeds to the Trojan Trek campaign. 

-HTHS's first annual Haunted Hallways is tonight from 8p - 10p. The cost is $5 and you can wear a costume. We got a note from Julie about this - thanks Julie!

-TRHS is hosting their 21st Annual Spookwalk tonight from 6:30p to 8p (kid's room open from 6 - 7:30). The cost is $3 and you can wear a costume. Thanks again to Julie for the heads-up on this!

-Riverview East Middle School dance from 6:30p-8:30p

-Caledonia Regional High School is hosting a Halloween Activity Night.  Middle School students may attend from 6-8p. High School students from 8-10p.  The cost is $3.

-Pay Day at the Radio Station (in case one of the DJs owes you money)

-Queen Elizabeth School Middle School Dance from 6:30p-8p. Prizes for best costume. Cost is FREE IF students bring their student ID card. No ID CARD = cost is $1.

-Hillcrest School's Halloween Dance is 7p-9.  

-Bessborough School's Halloween Dance for students in grades 6 to 8.

-J.M.A Armstrong High Annual Ghost Walk sponsored by the Senior Class of 2015 is being held from 6p-8p. Cost is $3 for Adults and $2 for students. Additional trips through will be $1.
There's a bake sale as well. All proceeds will go to the Senior Class of 2015.

-Halloween! Carb Load in the morning to prepare for the Free Candy March that is Trick-or-Treating.
Also, remember to do some stretches.

-Marshview Middle School students are invited dress up for the costume contest and the sock hop!

-Queen Elizabeth School is having Crazy Hat and Orange & Black day. Also, The Pumpkin Patch will take place this afternoon for students from K-4.

-At Claude D Taylor School, the theme for October is generosity. Students are encouraged to donate non-perishable food to the Helpful Halloween project. Items will be donated on Friday, October 31st.

-Bessborough School's Leadership students will be running their annual Halloween Spooktacular. Students in K- 2 are invited to the gym for some fun and games. In the afternoon the leadership students  are inviting the grades 3 to 5 students to a Halloween Sock Hop.

-Marshview Middle School students are invited to participate in a costume contest and enjoy a sock hop. 


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