IronWill Finale Friday! Our Kids are Getting Healthy :)

Armand Doucet the runner and community supporter

If you don't know about IronWill, here's the scoop...

1) NB has the highest youth AND adult obesity rates in Canada. 

2) Armand Doucet had his own struggles, then got healthy, then decided to help get our kids healthy.

Armand has been encouraging students to get active every day for a month.
The event wraps up Friday with Armand visiting a bunch of area schools AND RUNNING 90 KM!!

You can join Armand for the 90km Final event on Friday!
-> If you want to get a group together and be a part of the 90K day on Friday, email or call 506-232-1311.  
[You could participate in your company's uniform or do it for a charity :)]

Also, you're invited to be at the Running Room on Main Street at 7:00p on Friday for Armand's final 4km of the 90km run.
Then it's off to a downtown Block Party at Moncton City Hall at 7:30pm!

Armand Doucet, the motivational speaker

CLICK HERE for the IronWill website